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Why Join the NCCA?

We offer helpful, practical and interesting educational events that are relevant for the ever-changing role of the professional chaplain.  Both our fall and spring conferences are offered at a reduced rate to members.  The NCCA offers continuing education credits for both of these conferences.  We honor and recognize retiring chaplains each year at one of our conferences.

Network with chaplains from all over North Carolina who serve in diverse settings including prisons, hospitals, retirement communities, U.S. military branches and hospice settings.

The NCCA serves as an advocate for the profession of chaplaincy.

Members have an opportunity to volunteer for the organization in various roles - such as education, publicity, advocacy, social media support, educational events, journal club and other leadership opportunities.

Together we help determine the quality of chaplaincy in North Carolina.  The NCCA provides resources and support for chaplains seeking help with board certification as well as ongoing opportunities for the seasoned spiritual care provider.

Any chaplain who is ordained, endorsed or commissioned by a faith group and who is employed in an institution, military branch or industry may apply for membership in the NCCA.  If you are a current student in a current CPE program, you may also apply as an Associate Member.  You may complete the membership application and pay your dues at the same time.

If you are joining the NCCA for the first time, your name will be presented to the Executive Committee at the Spring board meeting for recommendation.  If your organization is paying your dues by check or you wish to pay your dues by check - you may complete your application online and print the confirmation email.  You will receive and mail your dues to the address provided on the confirmation with a check for payment.

Full Membership Category

Full Membership in the Association will be open to all chaplains ordained, endorsed, commissioned or recognized by a faith group and who are employed full or part time in institutions, military or industries within North Carolina. Applicants will be admitted to membership following the receipt of a formal application, recommendation by the membership committee, approval by the Association and payment of current dues.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership in the NCCA will be open to professional persons or students (CPE residents or interns) who do not meet the requirements for membership but who indicate interest in the purposes of this association.  Applicants will be admitted to Associate Membership following the receipt of a formal application, recommendation by the Membership Committee, approval by the Association and payment of current dues.  Associate members have all privileges of membership, except the right to vote or hold an elective office.

Retired-Emeritus Membership

Retired and emeritus members - you have already paid your dues! Please submit your information so we may keep you up to date on NCCA events and news so that you may register to attend events.

Be Inspired

Thanks for submitting!

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